Monday, March 9, 2009

Million Dollar Password

I've been wanting to update forever but for some reason I can't log in to Blogger on the laptop with my password so I'm on my itty bitty phone just to let ya know I'm not purposely neglecting my updates :) I have soo much to talk about...esp our trip to Nashville but it's so hard to type on this little touch screen so I'll have to wait til I can figure out what's going on with the real computer. Just wanted to let ya know I'm
still here :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

Falling behind...

but I have a good excuse. Well, it's not's lame...I always forget my password to Blogger...:)

I forget where I left off but I'll just back up a week'ish or so.

Amy and Harold have been in Hawaii on a little R&R and my girl Mackenzie had her first dance without Momma to help her get ready so Erin C. and I stepped in and got her all dolled up. We had a blast and she looked beautiful :)

Last Sat at work we had a Sidewalk Sale...the whole Olde Towne/Jackson Street District (not really sure what our official name is) put it on. We had a radio station come out and everything...woohoo, lol. It was actually really fun. We all had tables out in the courtyard with our "sale" items. Since Amy and Harold were in Hawaii until the day before and didn't know anything about it, we had to come up with what we wanted to present, so we got some acrylic cubes and wrote "Happy Valentines Day" in red and pink Lipstick on them and put out a bunch of bath and body sets and some of our half off HOBO Int. Handbags. By the way, if anyone who reads this needs some SUPER cute HOBO clutches, we still have a good stock and they're all half off (which means they're at cost). We also just got our Spring bags in...soooooo stinkin cute!!!) We also have Amy Head Long Sleeved Shirts that just came in the will be for sale soon that are soooo comfy. If youve ever worn "Nation" shirts, they're similar to that your hubby's shirts from highschool...washed 5,000 times...soooo soft :)

This past Thursday we, (along with everyone else in the group again) teamed up with Libby Story (super cute boutique next to us) to put on a Spring Fashion Show. We did makeup on all the models and they looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! The set up was awesome in the store, and Amy encouraged me to do the "speech" about the Studio to give me practice for when I'm in Nashville. It was fun :) The show was great and the clothes were sooo cute. Across the street, is a restaurant, Ely's that held the "afterparty" so we all went over there which was fun to hang out with all of our "neighbors".

Valentines Day was special as usual. We NEVER go out to a fancy dinner to exchange fancy gifts...or would I ever want to. We always stay at home and have a quiet dinner together. This year nothing had been talked about but Jay said he had it under control. I worked all day and he actually came to the Studio to meet with Harold about Nashville so I got to see him a good bit but when I got home that evening I came into this....

He had layed out on the counter little memories and momentos from throughout the years of our relationship. The calendar from our very first year (where HE had kept track privately of our first date, our first kiss, etc), our wedding invitation, letters we had written eachother....He then told me he had a candlelit bubblebath ready for me while he prepared dinner. :)
So I took by bubblebath and put on a nice little black dress I'd been saving! (I always dress up for him on V-Day, even though no one else sees us!
For dinner he made me a spinach salad with walnuts and cranberries :) (I know its not a steak dinner but this is a treat for me!)
and DESSERT was my FAVORITE...."chocolate" soy icecream and strawberries.
Oh, and I got him a few surprises too but I won't be sharing those on Oh, except one...I got him the Matthew West CD he's been wanting...haha. I love that boy!!

So I know this post was mostly about work but that's because Jay was out of town all month but HE'S HOME!!!!!!!! And we are leaving Saturday after work to go to Nashville to meet with some people for business :) We are so excited to be moving forward AND to actually be spending time together!!! I'll try to post more this week and keep you up to date.

I'm in a spirit of prayer this week. Tragedy has hit several people in our life so we are counting our blessings and humbled at the same time that life is precious and life is uncertain. I know we hear almost daily of new pregnancies and deliveries as well as losses of babies and loved ones, cancers, sicknesses, diseases. Although these things happen frequently, please don't become desensitized to the people who are going through these things. A precious lifelong friend reminded me of a verse in Romans about persevering through these times and if only the rest of the world could see it through her eyes, we would all learn something so valuable. So if you hear of someone this week who is going through a difficult time, don't dismiss it b/c it is so common, give them the attention they deserve, b/c in their world, it is ALL that matters right now. :(


Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things...

1. I have 3 kidneys but I technically don't have an "extra" one...two of them are just really small. So, don't hit me up for one. :)

2. I don't have a baby book b/c I'm the youngest, and it makes me more sad than anyone realizes. I secretly wish that my mom would put one together for me now...I wouldn't mind that it's 25 years late...

3. I always wanted to sing in the Christmas programs when I was little but I was too shy to try out. The closest I got was singing in a trio. I have no desire to sing now though and would never consider myself musical, so I'm not sure where that came from?

4. I have an ObSEsSiOn with vegan "icecream". I'd eat it everyday if I could. I do eat it every week. My fav. brand is Purely's sinful.

5. I am terrified of pickles. I'm not sure when or why it started but the thought of one touching my skin makes me SICK...and I'd rather smell sweaty armpits than the aroma of pickle juice any seriously disgusts me. Ugh.

6. Every year I make a "resolution" to make a certain part of myself better (but not in the traditional, lose weight garbage) ...for instance, this year I am putting a lot more effort into my hair. It's actually making a difference in the way, knowing that I took the extra time and effort in getting ready. I've been using Aveda and Bumble and Bumble products and they smell soooo good. Jay also got me a chi curling iron for Christmas that I use when I leave my hair natural, to help the curl look a little more polished. I've also been keeping up with my hair trims and colors!!

7. We're big into being debt free. We didn't start out that way b/c we had soooo many medical bills and credit card bills but we did Financial Peace (the Dave Ramsey class) and paid off an insane amount of debt and it is the best feeling in the world to not owe anyone money. We also plan on opening the studio debt free.

8. If Jay had picked me up for our first date in a Hawaiin shirt, I wouldn't have gone. I'm glad he didn't :)

9. I think the most ANNOYING show on TV is "Teen Kids News". It comes on after the Early Show while I'm getting ready for work on Sat. and it makes me almost have seizures if I can't turn it off right away. You'll just have to watch for yourself.

10. I'm addicted to fashion blogs. My favorites are and

11. Fake southern accents on TV annoy me. I don't have much of one (Jay wishes I did..he thinks they're so cute) but I can spot a fake one a mile away and there are too many bad ones in Hollywood.

12. I've been to Colombia, South America twice and Mexico 3 times for Mission trips and I want to go on so many more. I would love to go work in an orphanage but I really don't know that I could come home without being completely broken in seriously in a dark place because I couldn't take all the children home. :(

13. I was in a Food magazine once....yep. And a Figure Skating magazine with Tara Lipinski.

14. I love perfume but only a handful of them. It's because I associate them with particular moments that bring back sooooo many good memories (and some I can never smell again b/c of bad memories). Light Blue always puts a CHEESY (credits to you Melody Dowdy) smile on my face b/c it puts me right in mid-town NYC with Jay, Armani Code makes me laugh b/c of the experience I had in NY buying it so I don't wear it much anymore, Michael Kors makes me feel like a real grown up lady, and the perfume Jay bought me today will always remind me of what a lovely afternoon we spent together... it's true...

15. Jay and I love to ride around, look at big huge houses and put together all of the things we liked about each one for our own dream house that we will "one day" have...even though I would be just as content sleeping in the back of our Studio forever b/c we'd be living out our calling and dream :)

16. I'd like my "resolution" next year to be to learn how to spell certain words without having to Google them. These are easy words too...such as...Definetely...and yes, I just Googled that....sad...

17. Because I grocery shop and cook our meals, it's hard for me to spend the money to eat out often....I wish I could just go out and enjoy it but all I'm thinking is...this asparagus is $7...I would have 2 weeks worth for $7 at the's annoying, but I can't help it.

18. I clip coupons every week, but I wish they had them for foods I eat, like vegetables. By the way, I just Googled vegetables...I had an extra d in it :(

19. I want to invent a better word for the relationship between your siblings child and yourself b/c being an "aunt" is soooo much more special than that word can describe. The definition would be n. 1) someone who's heart you took a huge part of the minute you were born and who would do anything in the world for you just to know that you are truly happy. 2) someone who makes you your favorite treats and has the best slumber parties and takes you on the best dates. 3) someone who loves you more than you can imagine and would give their life for you. (I've got 3...soon to be 5 nephews that I love sooo much)

20. I hate having my nails done. It's so boring to me. Pedicures are nice though.

21. Jay gives the BEST massages. If he ever lost his legs on one of his camping excursions, he's got his new career lined up for him...

22. The night we went to get Daisey (our 4 year old Maltese) was one of the happiest ever! She was like a little cotton ball with black eyes. I was so lonely in Florida without my family or any close friends my age that when I got her, she was my little friend and she went EVERYWHERE with me :) We love that little pup so much and hope to give her a little playmate, sounds like I'm talking about a child...

23. I love to camp and do anything outdoors but I get soooo PAINFULLY cold that it puts a serious limit to when I can do it before it gets too hot for everyone else :( Its frustrating b/c I WANT to do it but it's just so miserable to be THAT cold.

24. My most favorite makeup sessions are with the old ladies. Everyone else gets nervous but I LOVE IT...I even like the mean ones because they always turn around by the end...and the rare occasion they're still grumpy, I still smile when they leave b/c I know that they were happy inside.

25. It makes me sooooooo happy and excited and anticipatory (didn't google) and giddy when I think about the honor of spending the rest of my life with Jay. I don't know how or why I was blessed with him but I'm sure not going to ever do anything to mess it up. He is a true rare gift and I will continue for the rest of our lives to try to be a God honoring wife for him. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Wasnt looking at cupcakes for a whole week fun? I'm just now coming off of my sugar high :)

This has been a good week because I've had Jay for half of it! He got to come home on Wednesday night to finish up some projects that his company has got going on here and he gets to stay in town for a while! Yay!!!! :) Today he and my dad and I even had a lunch date :) Yesterday the three of us went to the International Car Show and I found my new car....

It's the '09 Mercedes SLK 300...isn't it beautiful? Jay and I both fell in's just a matter of time and eyelash fluttering..LoL. Kidding....

So, I have a supermodel on my hands now. The owner of the menswear store upstairs from Amy Head, Kinkaids has asked Jay to be his exclusive model. How fun is that? He'll be doing print work and fashion shows. Jay's a little nervous but I think he's gonna have a blast and will be sooo good. I mean look at him....;)

Today I'm just getting caught up on housework...I'm doing laundry now and it smells sooooo good!!! I asked my seester what kind of detergent she uses because if you get within 5 feet of her or her offspring, you can smell their clothes and they smell sooooo good, so I FINALLY ran out and needed more and I had to get her kind. I have my 2nd load going now and my whole house smells good. FYI, it's Tide with a touch of Downy (the April kind)....she uses liquid but I got powder b/c they didn't have the liquid. MMmmmmm, thanks seester!!

I'm hoping for a good week at work...Harold is out for a couple weeks, he's in Hawaii!! Amy is joining him the end of the week for some R&R so we'll get some things tied up before she goes I'm sure. Nothing too major though.

Oooooh, I may be getting private Pilates classes!!!! My most FAVORITE instructor from the pilates studio came into our studio and said she would work a trade with me....if i would give her makeup lessons, she would give me privates....ummmm, thatd work...privates are $75!!!!! Please Please Please make me get on the phone and not forget and get too busy and bla bla's too good to pass up!!!

So, this morning I was just going to clean out my Folded Shirts drawer because realistically I only wear about 5 of the shirts in there, so I did that and had about 30 shirts in the pile and it felt soooo I moved into jeans....about 15 pair to get rid off...ahhhh, can't stop now....khakis, will i EVER wear khakis? Nope, toss em....move on to dresses....see ya....well, okay, might as well do the shirts too.....30 minutes later, this is what I end up with....

and believe it or not, Jay hates when I do this. But if I know I'll never wear it again or I haven't worn it in two years, or if it won't stay up without wearing a 7 year olds belt, I just can't see the point in keeping it....!! It feels sooo good to cleanse though!

I know this post is scattered but when I only post once a week, it's hard to keep everything in order. I'm excited about the Bachelor tonight. Erin D is spending the night tonight and we'll be watching it together...with Jay :)

My sister got bloodwork done today and she goes to the Neurologist next month....PLEASE keep NOT give up!!!

Have a wonderful week....xoxo

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cupcake Sunday

Today was the most surprisingly glorious Sunday (did I make that up) because it has been sooooo miserable cold and for once I wasn't literally in pain because I was so cold to the bone. The weather was sooooo beautiful and sunny and mild and I got to spend the whole day with my best in the world can you top that?? Well, I guess you could fly my sister and nephews here but that would just send me over the edge :) Lemme recap on the weekend though. Sat at work was CrrrrrAAAzzzYYYYY. We did about 20 sessions. This is like running an emotional marathon. A typical session is where you spend an hour one on one with a woman and you do a complete makeover on her but not only that, you are teaching her exactly how to do it herself so that when she gets home with her makeup, she is able to look just as good as she did when you (the professional) did it. So you're not only verbally teaching and encouraging, you're also writing down the colors and tools and drawing pictures and notes for her. Well, there were 3 of us doing sessions which means....yeah, Erin C and I each did about 8 sessions in 20 minutes. It was amazing...the day flew by and I hardly remember anything about it...just that I was exhausted when it was over. We got out about an hour late but thats been pretty typical for me lately. Oh well, gotta do what ya gotta do.

This morning we went to church and as soon as we walked in my instincts went on high alert and I KNEW something was going on. I saw Chips wife and kids (they're never in our service) and Tim Smith, the assoc. pastor who's also never in our service. So I told Jay, "theyre going to announce something after church, I just feel it, Chip BETTER NOT be leaving". So of course all during church, my stomach was sick just thinking about it. Well, after the message and everything, Tim comes out with a man and introduces him as the head of the pastor search commmittee and I almost threw up and then he goes on to say that 10 years ago today Chip and Christy came to Pinelake and we've put together a video of his first 10 years with us, blablabla. Well, I'm still thinking, okay what are you getting at??? If he's leaving just say so and if he's not, then SAY SO, because I can't stand this!!! During the video though, it had all the deacons and elders saying stuff like "looking forward to 10 more years" and stuff like that so I calmed down but good grief it really did make me nervous. But how cool is that, that I knew something was up before church even started? I should be a detective!! hehe.

This afternoon we got our house back in tiptop squeaky clean shape and I went into the studio to direct Amy on a photoshoot for some spring ads and then we worked on editing the shots from my photoshoot. They turned out good, the background was so cool. I ended up leaving before they picked the final shot though b/c I want to be surprised with what's in the ads so I guess we'll all see it for the first time together :)

A while back I picked up a cookbook thats just been hanging out in the cabinet that I finally put to use called "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World". I wanted to send Jay back out of town with plenty of treats from home. So he picked out two flavors and I got all the ingredients we would need. I wanted to not only make then vegan but also organic. The two he decided on were Cookies and Cream and Carrot Cake. The Cookies and Cream has a Chocolate Base with Oreo type cookies crumbs mixed into the batter and a Buttercream Frosting with more cookie crumbs mixed in. The Carrot Cake has a "cream cheese" frosting. Oh my goodness people, I have never ever ever tasted anything more amazing and I promise I remember what "real" dessert tastes like! Jay still eats regular stuff and he is amazed at how delicious these are!!! If anyone wants the recipes let me know! If we're going to treat ourselves, we owe it to our bodies to feed it natural ingredients like this! Here's a pic of the finished product...

Well, I'm gonna take advantage of my last bit of time with Jay before he's off again. My sis has an MRI tomorrow. She's had a tough weekend. Please pray....xoxo

Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Update

It's been a busy week. I knew once I got back into the groove of working, my internet use would slow down :) I think my seesters Dr. appointment is today so hopefully they will have some genious ideas about what to do to help her!!!

Jays been out of town all week but it's been okay. The first week is usually okay b/c I'm adjusting...and it's kinda fun in a way, being all alone, painting my nails, going to bed as early as I want, and I'm forced to remember to take my medicine on my own and take out the trash, etc. But I know by next week, I'll be MISERABLE for him!!!!!! Last night I was sooooo excited when he came home!!!!!!!! He surprised me last night and dropped in on a photo shoot I was doing for work. It was so much fun but it was my first time on a big photo shoot to be on that side of the camera...I'm usually the one doing the makeup and creative work. We shot it on location in a cool restaurant right at 5 o'clock so we could get the light of the sun setting so we had all the men there for happy hour so we had quite an audience....AWKWARD!!! But once all the lighting and equipment was set up, it went pretty quickly. I had to wear a dress so i was FREEEEZZZZZIIINNNGGG!!!!! Then Jay and I went on a fun date and came home to celebrate Daiseys 4th birthday!!!! I can't believe our pup is growing up so fast!! It seems like we just got her when we were newlyweds in Florida!! :)

I get Jay all weekend but we both will be working most of the time and he goes back Monday but we'll be sure to squeeze in some fun time!! I'm off to work now...hope it's a good day for all of us!! I've got a lot of people on my mind to pray for, hopefully you do to!! xoxo

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My sis

Sorry it's been a while....although I was tempted to never add another post b/c I love seeing my babes face front and center when I pull up the blog :) A lot has been keeping me busy though so I'll try my best to back it up and fill in....

The biggest thing thats been on my mind is the person who (besides Jay) is my sister. For quite a while now, she has been having bad headaches. It's so frustrating to even say that b/c it seems like everyone knows someone that has headaches but my sister is so strong and has almost died so for her to complain about her headaches, it's already gone too far. So she finally went to her doctor and before he ran any serious tests, he prescribed SERIOUS drugs (she probably doesn't want me telling the blogworld whats in her medicine cabinet) but those didn't even touch the pain. Y'all...OMG. Okay, obviously you know my situation by now and that I can empathize with headpain...this girl has GOT to get some medical attention fast, this isn't normal and something is going on inside of her head. While all of this is happening, she is still a wife and mommy!! On tuesday though the pain got so intense that her hubby came home from work to take care of the boys because there was no way she could function. It ended up easing up that night but then on Wednesday it got bad again so she put a call in to her doctor and when he finally got the message he told her to go to the ER right away for a CT scan and some heavy duty medicine. It was so late by that time so her sweet neighbor brought her so Steven could be with the boys. I made her give me minute by minute reports and picture updates b/c I was worried sick...gotta love iphones :) The medicine they gave her through the IV did give her some relief and they finally got her into the CT. Now her Dr. is waiting for the report from the hospital and they can move forward from there. She's still taking her other medicine to fight off the unbearable headaches and we're just praying that her Dr. will have a clear answer when she goes back in. It's just sooooo hard when someone you love soo much is in so much pain and you can't do anything about it or be with them and it's heartbreaking. And when it's someone you're THAT close to, you actually FEEL their pain :(

Aside from that, work has been busy busy as usual. We hired a new girl and I think she's going to be fabulous. Jay starts working out of town on Monday but I'm trying not to think about it just yet...we're not even sure what the schedule is going to be like so it may not even be that bad.

Today after work, I went home with my friend Erin to get ready for our other friend Ashleys baby shower. A group of her friends all met at a local restaurant, Bon Ami for was super fun and I got to meet 3 sweet new girls. Anyhoo, I got to try out the Wii Fit which I'm dying to get and I think it lives up to the hype I've been giving it. It's still out of stock everywhere though so I'm still patiently waiting :)

Well, I think that wraps it up...I'll update about my sis as soon as I know something...